Photo gallery: JAF Board and Friends of judith

Here and there, over the years

Marianne Lambert and Barbara Archer, 2016


Cathi Perry and Xenia Zed


Anne Lambert-Tracht and Marianne Lambert


Roberta Bates, Cheryl Bates Mashack and Cathi Bates Perry


Rachael Millkey and her grandfather, Cecil Alexander,
Judith's first cousin


Lee Kogan, curator emerita at the American Folk Art Museum,
Cathi Perry


Judith Alexander Augustine and Katie Jentleson, Folk Art Curator, High Museum of Art, in the newly installed Nellie Mae Rowe room at the High, 2018.


Seeing the newly installed Nellie Mae Rowe Room at the High Museum for the first time: Xenia Zed, Cathi Bates, Katie Jentleson and her daughter Mabel, and Judith Alexander Augustine, 2018.


Mario Petrirena and Cathi Bates Perry


Judith Alexander Augustine and Rachael Millkey


Fred DuBose, daughter Kate and grand-daughters, Matilda & Rowan


Judith Anderson, original board member & FOJ


Marianne Lambert and Lucinda Bunnen, FOJ


The late Cecil Alexander, honorary board member, and Helen Alexander, original board member and president emerita


Mario Petrirena discusses his work with Marianne Lambert and Barbara Archer at his MOCA GA exhibition, "The Distance Between", 2017.