About Judith Alexander

In Her own voice

Those who knew her were well aware of - and delighted by - Judith's unique way of speaking.  Hear her inimitable voice in the links below. 


This short film featuring Judith in her Atlanta gallery, talking about Nellie Mae Rowe and her artwork, was filmed in 1987 as part of a larger project, The Mind's Eye, which started with the documentation of Black Folk Art in America, 1930-1980, a traveling exhibition organized by the Corcoran Gallery of Art.


The film was edited by Zach Wolf and produced by The Foundation for Self-Taught American Artists and Breakaway Films, Inc.


Towards the end you will see many of the works that are now part of the permanent collection at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, thanks to Judith's 2003 gift that also established The Nellie Mae Rowe Gallery at that institution. Listen as she says, "What I really want is that my pieces that I love the most, I want them to be in a museum some day. Who knows? Nellie Mae Rowe may be considered high art one day."


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Thank you to The Foundation for Self Taught and American Artists (Foundationstaart), for posting this video on YouTube.



This brief clip, recorded from phone calls Judith had with Joey Orr from MOCA GA, is rough in quality, but good enough to recall and enjoy a

listen to Judith's distinctive voice and unmistakable inflection.



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Audio recording courtesy of MOCA GA