help us help georgia artists

Georgia’s visual artists are in an exceptionally difficult spot, due to the ongoing pandemic. Will you join us in bringing some relief and hope to these artists?


Exhibitions are postponed or cancelled; grants and fellowships scrapped; stipends abruptly ended; studio space unavailable; jobs lost. Artists face eviction or must vacate homes and studios because income derived from project-based work and classes has evaporated. Artists’ supplementary income from teaching, festivals, gallery sales, commissions, exhibitions, installations, etc. are at best on indefinite hold. Non-art-related incomes previously available — AirB&B hosting, dog-walking, Lyft/Uber driving and part time food services industry jobs — have become highly competitive with non-artists seeking work or are non-existent.

We all remain in a holding pattern, wondering what the “new normal” may bring.


JAF has committed $50,000 for $500 grants for up to 100 practicing visual artists living in Georgia who are able to demonstrate a sustained commitment to their work and career and who are experiencing immediate financial need due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your donation will directly assist us in reaching a greater number of qualified artists in need.


Application period: July 20-August 10, 2020. Grantees will be notified August 25, 2020.