press: Nellie Mae Rowe

in 2018, nellie mae rowe was featured in an exhibition of Deborah Neff's collection of black Dolls at La Maison Rouge, paris

Read the review of the exhibition by Victoria L. Valentine for Culture Type, a website that explores art by and about people of African descent and features original research and reporting.

Two untitled dolls made by Nellie Mae Rowe were featured in the Paris exhibition that consisted of more than 200 dolls from the Deborah Neff Collection, most of whose makers are unknown. 


La Maison Rouge, where the exhibition was held, closed its doors permanently following the exhibit, on October 28, 2018, but Antoine de Galbert, whose foundation was behind the gallery, continues to be active in the art world.


La Maison Rouge published a beautiful 270-page catalogue to accompany the show, which included an excerpt from an oral history of Nellie Mae Rowe, collected at the end of the 1970s by Judith Alexander. (See below)

Two dolls by Nellie Mae Rowe, circa 1970

from the catalogue