The Judith ALexander Foundation Relief fund for georgia visual artists Presents 106 georgia artists with individual grants of $500

Guided by the example set by Judith Alexander in her lifetime, we are thrilled to have honored the contributions of 106 Georgia artists with $500 each in individual grants.


We received a large number of applications from artists across the state whose careers and finances have been turned upside down by the pandemic. Through the process of reading all the applications, the formidable hardship provoked by the situation was tangible and heartbreaking. The grit and resolve shown on the part of every one we heard from was likewise palpable and inspiring. We would have helped every single applicant if we could.


Our original goal was to fund up to 100 Georgia visual artists. When the numbers of applicants kept growing, we did a short fundraiser, allowing us to make 6 additional grants. We are so grateful to those donors who stepped up to help. 


The messages and notes we have received from our grantees, although not expected and certainly not required, have filled our hearts with appreciation and brightened our spirits enormously. We feel so much gratitude for these artists and their dedication to art and creativity, which we believe to be among the most essential requirements of life. We wish them and all who applied (or even thought of applying) all the best in their lives and art careers.

If you or someone you know would like to help us reach more artists, in need, a secure, tax-deductible donation to the fund at our donation page is available, encouraged and appreciated! 


Welcome to The Judith Alexander Foundation 

We are a small family foundation, founded by Henry Alexander, brother of Judith Alexander, in 2005. We come together, having been inspired by the uniqueness that was Judith, with a dedication to keeping the spark of her spirit active in the world.


Our heartfelt desire is to inspire and engage our community by promoting and supporting Georgia artists and arts organizations and to aid in extending the understanding of the importance of art in our society to future generations.


While Judith was supportive in myriad ways to many artists, her primary focus in later years was on the artist Nellie Mae Rowe.  Judith insured a lasting legacy with her major gift of 130 pieces of Nellie Mae Rowe's work to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and through the establishment of a permanent, rotating display there. We are devoted to sustaining that legacy.

Above: Memorial at Crestlawn Cemetery, Atlanta, GA, designed by artist and friend Mario Petrirena. 

Nellie Mae Rowe and Judith Alexander. Photo by Lucinda Bunnen. 1979. Embellishment by Nellie Mae Rowe.

Thumbnail: Peace  by Nellie Mae Rowe, 1978 - High Museum of Art, Atlanta; Gift of Judith Alexander